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Transition to a new career through a proven hands-on training model.

Chicago Teacher Residency™

The Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR) is a one-year teacher training program for talented professionals who passionately believe that all students deserve a quality education.

Individuals who join the program receive a scholarship to obtain a Master’s degree from DePaul University and obtain in-classroom experience with guidance from expert coaches and mentors.


The residency is a supportive program that develops highly-effective teachers through master’s level coursework partnered with mentorship from expert coaches and mentors.


By combining theory and practice, participants receive the tools they need to become successful educators in Chicago Public Schools and beyond.


Upon completion of the one-year program, individuals are fully licensed to teach in Illinois and are prepared to be placed in a full-time teaching position in Chicago Public Schools.

Why Join the Chicago Teacher Residency?

Earn a master’s degree from DePaul University in just one year at a reduced tuition cost.

Receive personalized feedback and support from an experienced mentor teacher and expert resident coach for your entire training year.

Gain over 1000 hours of classroom experience learning alongside a supportive mentor teacher for a full school year.

Receive access to a training scholarship, health care coverage, child care support, and apply for additional partner funded grants to help cover resident expenses throughout the program.

Upon successful completion of the residency program, all Residents are qualified for a full-time teaching position within CPS.

Learn and grow with a cohort of future teachers within a model that’s been successfully graduating highly-effective teachers since 2003.

“I’m a huge, huge fan of who you are (CTR), what you are going to do, and the AUSL family. There’s nothing more important that we can do than put great teachers into the classrooms of our children across Chicago, particularly in our most underserved communities.


“Our students are going to need teaches who believe in them, who see their potential, who can help them through the stress and trauma to envision a set of possibilities way beyond what the day to day reality might feel like.

“Your collective commitment and courage inspire me.”

– Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education and CEO of Chicago Public Schools, speaking at graduation on the power of the CTR to transform educational outcomes for students.

Tuition & Financial Aid

As a resident, you will enroll at DePaul University.

Tuition is approximately $20,000 for one year.

All residents receive a $21,600 training scholarship (paid directly to you) which can be applied to tuition or used towards living costs.

The Application Process

Apply online

Our online application is designed to be simple. Just give us your resume, answer a short question, and send us unofficial transcripts of the universities/colleges you’ve attended.

Online interview

After we review your application and we believe you might be a good fit, we’ll invite you to an online interview to speak with two recruiters.

Conditional acceptance

In just one week after your interview, you’ll find out if you’re accepted into the Chicago Teacher Residency, beginning your journey toward making a difference in public education.

University admittance

Enroll into our university partner, DePaul University, and choose your Master’s degree program focus.

Start Your Application

Create an account to get started on earning your Masters and becoming a teacher.

Continue Your Application

Log in to complete your application, submit materials, and enroll.

CTR Alumni Testimonials

Join the 1,444 graduates of the Chicago Teacher Residency who are making a difference in classrooms across Chicago.

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