Our team is

compassionate, and community-driven

At LiberatED Way, we know how to create and hold space for leaders to dream, author, and build student and community-centered systems that honor their contexts, so that every student experiences learning that is academically rigorous, helps students engage effectively with their communities, and provides ample opportunities for students to explore and identify interests and passions.

Our Mission

“To engage students in liberated learning that draws on the assets and uniqueness of each school community.”

We want to fundamentally change the way leaders engage school communities to reimagine and implement liberated student learning experiences.

How it all Started

LiberatED Way emerged from Academy for Urban School Leadership’s learnings from over 15 years of transforming neighborhood public schools in Chicago. Our work began as a pilot within the AUSL network to embrace innovation in school improvement.

How We Developed

We have leveraged our learning to develop our LiberatED Way model, a school revitalization partnership approach tailored by and for each school community. Our LiberatED Way team serves as a strategic partner to schools and districts nationally who believe in the power and potential of a community-driven approach to school improvement.

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