We take a community-driven and comprehensive approach to school improvement.

Our team combines our knowledge of instructional design and leadership and family engagement practices to help school communities answer the following:

How do we define a vision for the student experience?


How do we norm around what our vision looks like in practice while building our teachers’ and leaders’ capacity to make it happen consistently?

How do we establish habits of student-centered continuous improvement?

What is Liberated Learning? We believe that liberated learning experiences are academically rigorous, help students engage effectively with their communities, and provide ample opportunity for students to explore and identify interests and passions.

Our Approach


Co-design a community-driven vision for student experiences.



Establish foundational school structures for culture and instruction.



Foster authentic family and community partnerships.



Create a robust and aligned teacher development system.


Our Services

Fostering liberated learning experiences by providing proven leadership development and learning strategies that support every level of your school community.
Strategy and Liberated Learning Design

Establishing a student and community-centered vision and actionable strategy at the school and/or district level through liberatory design.

Teacher and Leader Coaching

Providing direct instructional and cultural leadership coaching and professional development for school and/or district leaders including principal supervisors.

Community Partnership Services

Advising and facilitation around family and community partnership at the school and/or district level.

Professional Development

Designing and facilitating teacher preparation and ongoing professional development for teachers at various levels of development.

Board Engagement and Management Services

Advising and supporting board engagement and management around a community-driven vision for success.


At every turn, the LiberatED Way team has leaned in with us to provide the strategic partnership needed to help transform outcomes for our children and families.


— Dr. Sonja Crum Knight, Vice President, Programs and Impact at Carole Robertson Center for Learning

The LiberatED Way team’s deep experience in school improvement and its coherent approach to teacher development have played a key role in helping us define and institutionalize our vision for student success.

— Dr. Robin McDurham, CEO, Transformation Waco

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