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What is the Chicago Teacher Residency?

Want to chat with a recruiter?
Want to chat with a recruiter?

Application Qualifications

Learn more about what you need before you start the application process.

What grade levels or subjects can I teach?

Depending on what degree program you choose as part of your residency, you can select grades anywhere from K-12.

As for subject (content area), Residents must have completed college-level coursework in the subject area(s) they wish to teach, in accordance with the Illinois State Board of Education standards for licensure.

It is okay to apply even if you identify missing coursework in the credit hours you have, especially if they amount to 6 or fewer semester hours. After you pass the initial screening, we will contact you to discuss options for addressing your missing coursework.

I am (or will be) licensed to teach in another state, not Illinois. Can I still apply?

Our program is designed to train people who do not currently have teaching licenses.

Can I enroll to become licensed in another subject or grade-level?

We strongly advise against this, as you would be required to re-take certain classes you have already taken. It would be an easier and less costly option for you to contact the Illinois Board of Education directly and ask about your options.

Application Process

Learn about the application process for applying to the Chicago Teacher’s Residency.

What materials do I need?

To apply to the Residency program you will be required to upload a resume and unofficial transcripts from all colleges attended. You will also be required to write a brief essay.


What is the application process?
  1. Application Submission
  2. File Review
  3. Interview
  4. Acceptance
  5. Enrollment
What is the application deadline?

With rolling admissions, we review applications as they come in. However, to be considered for the 2023-24 cohort, you will need to submit your application by one of the following deadlines:

Winter Admission Deadline: Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Spring Admission Deadline: Friday, March 31, 2023
Final Admission Deadline: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Please note: After the May 31st deadline, rolling admissions will continue until all placements are full.

If I'm not accepted to the program, can I apply again?

We accept one application per candidate each recruitment cycle. If you are not accepted into the program, you may submit a new application for the following cohort.


Learn about the testing process.

What tests do I take to obtain certification?

All test requirements for teacher licensure are established by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

To obtain teacher licensure, all residents must pass the Illinois content area test that corresponds to their subject area.

Information about your required content area and a schedule for test completion will be provided to you upon acceptance to the program.

I took and passed my Content Area test(s) a few years ago. Can I use those scores?

Illinois content area test scores are valid for 10 years from the date of application for educator licensure. Since you will apply for your license in Spring 2024, only passing scores dated after July 2014 are eligible.

What if I don't pass the Illinois Content Area test on the first attempt?

You may re-take all tests if you don’t pass the first time.

Program Scholarship

Do I get paid?

All Residents receive a scholarship during their training year to be used at their own discretion. Your recruiter can provide you with information about the scholarship as well as additional financial supports.

During the Residency Year

Learn more about how the full year of the residency looks.

When does the residency program start and end?

The Residency year is a full calendar year and runs June to June. Students begin their classroom training experience at the beginning of the new CPS school calendar year.

What will my schedule look like during the residency year?

Summer: Full-time university coursework through Depaul University Monday-Friday from 9 -4 p.m. in July and August. During these months, Residents complete half of their graduate coursework needed to obtain a Master’s degree.

School year: Residents work side-by-side their mentor teacher in a CPS classroom Monday-Thursday for a hands-on training experience. Fridays are dedicated to completing Master’s Degree coursework.

Does the residency provide housing?

The Chicago Teacher Residency does not provide housing; however, your recruiter can provide you with resources to explore potential housing options.

What is the tuition cost for the Master's program?

DePaul University offers reduced tuition rates for our Residents. Our one-year program rates are approximately $21,000 (standard tuition rates for the traditional programs range from $29,670 to $36,540). Financial aid is available.

After graduation

Learn more about what life looks like post-graduation.

What salary will I earn after the Residency year?

After completing a successful Residency year and hiring process, graduating residents will be employed as Chicago Public School (CPS) teachers with a Masters Degree (lane 2). Click here to see the salary schedule for full-time appointed teachers (2019-2024).

What is my commitment to the Residency following graduation?

The Chicago Teacher Residency is designed to create a pipeline of talented, specially-trained teachers to fill positions in high-needs Chicago Public Schools. When you join our program, you will sign an agreement committing to teach in a high-needs school for a minimum of four years after graduation.

Am I guaranteed to have a teaching job after graduating?

Placing Chicago Teacher Residency graduates in high-needs schools is part of AUSL’s mission. Each spring, AUSL principals observe residents in the classroom and select new teachers for their schools. However, AUSL does not require principals to hire resident teachers. We recognize the many factors that impact hiring decisions, so placement is not guaranteed.

Historically, over 95 percent of our resident graduates teach in Chicago following the residency year.

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