AUSL Schools to Transition Back to CPS Management

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Publish date: May 27, 2021
Categories: News and Updates
Post author: Stephen Nielsen

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Upon a joint review of the successful transformation of the Chicago Public Schools under our management, CPS has announced that AUSL will begin to transition management of its schools back to their respective CPS geographic networks. The transition will begin mid-summer 2021 and conclude mid-summer 2023.

Chicago Public Schools cited the “sustained progress” of AUSL schools in announcing its proposal to return the schools to district management. “AUSL has been a critical partner in helping schools and communities in need of additional support, which has led to years of consistent, stable, and improved academic experiences for thousands of CPS students,” said Chicago Public Schools spokesman James Gherardi. AUSL will work closely with CPS to ensure the smoothest possible transition of these schools.

AUSL’s partnership with Chicago Public Schools began in 2001 to deliver on the promise that all students have access to an excellent education right in their own neighborhood.  AUSL infused $100 million in teacher training and school enhancements (capital improvements, coaching, principal development, Pre-K, and student supports) and saw real increases in the percentage of 8th-grade students at or above grade level in reading and math.

CPS complemented AUSL’s work, specifically highlighting the following:

  • 84% of AUSL schools are categorized as Well Organized according to the UofC’s 5Essentials School Effectiveness survey.
  • Since 2015, the number of AUSL schools ranked one or one plus has increased 4-fold.
  • Twenty Local School Councils have principal contract authority.
  • 65% (twenty) AUSL schools are in good standing.

AUSL will continue our longstanding partnership with Chicago Public Schools through our Chicago Teacher Residency, which prepares outstanding future teachers. We will continue to partner with school districts across the country through our Advisory Services programs to support students in schools that are not maximizing their potential.

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