AUSL’s Annual Benefit Dinner

Elevating Student Success

November 9th, 2022

The Four Seasons Chicago


Greg and Kim Wasson
DePaul University

Benefit Dinner Chair: Steve Pemberton

The Annual Benefit Dinner honors leaders and institutions who are advancing educational equity while raising important revenue to continue serving students in high-poverty under-resourced schools.

Supporting AUSL's Service Lines

The Chicago Teacher Residency

Residents earn a scholarship, a Master of Education at DePaul University, and gain in-classroom experience from a mentor teacher. Graduates are hired as a teacher in a CPS Opportunity School with an annual salary of $68,000.

Advisory Services

The Liberated Way team supports forward-thinking schools and systems-level leaders to partner with their school communities in defining, calibrating on, and implementing an equity-driven vision for the student experience.

School Management

AUSL infused $100 million in teacher training and school enhancements and saw increases in the percentage of 8th-grade students at or above grade level in reading and math in its network schools.

For more information on sponsorship and event attendace contact Shane Caterino, Managing Director of External Relations, at [email protected]

Register Today for AUSL’s 2022 Annual Benefit Dinner
Register Today for AUSL’s Annual Benefit Dinner


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