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Publish date: April 17, 2024
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Throughout the year, the Chicago Teacher Residency distributes CTR Values Awards to current Residents that embody three values: Student-Centered, Equity-Driven, and Courage to Persist. CTR staff celebrated the following award recipients at Professional Development meetings in February and March:

Nicole McLean (Student-Centered)
“I enthusiastically nominate Nicole McLean for the Student Center Award for her exceptional dedication and care toward students. Nicole is the definition of having a warm demeanor each day she arrives at NTA. Nicole consistently demonstrates a profound commitment to fostering a positive learning environment and persevering through challenging behavior incidents with grace and compassion. Her unwavering support extends to all students she encounters, making her an invaluable asset to our educational community. She expects greatness from all her students. Nicole’s genuine concern for the well-being and growth of each student sets her apart, making her a truly deserving candidate for recognition for being Student-Centered.”

Viv Caniglia (Student-Centered)
“Viv is always so happy to see their students show up for art! They have such a great connection with students. They do an excellent job of checking in on how they are doing and getting them ready to walk in for a fun and exciting new lesson! Students are always engaged and having fun when I walk by their room. When students leave the classroom, they are excited to share their artwork and explain what they learned that day! They have also stayed behind with students who wanted to finish their artwork before leaving the class. I love to see that Viv has been able to create meaningful relationships with students in all grade levels!”

Tasha O’Banner (Courage to Persist)
“I want to nominate Tasha O’Bannon for Courage to Persist for having the most positive attitude in the midst of adversity or what I like to call life doing life. At the beginning of the program, her father passed and she had to deal with all that comes with burying a parent. She buried him and started the program in the first official week. Navigating the grief process and the many emotions that come with that, she still manages to be an encouragement to all around her and keep her grades up. She is the epitome of ‘quitting is not an option!’”

Kat McIntosh (Courage to Persist)
“Kat McIntosh has a warm heart and she is dedicated to educating her students as well as completing her DePaul [coursework] (and other tasks). She also has a growth mindset, so I know she will do great things!”

Phil Woods (Courage to Persist)
“Mr. Woods has been working hard at Collins to keep his students engaged and motivated in the learning process. Phil goes out of his way to build meaningful relationships with his students and make the classroom fun! Phil has been challenging himself to always improve the ways he is pushing his students, even when his workload is heavy. Phil always comes to Collins with a smile on his face ready to give 100%.”

Mason Cook (Student-Centered)
“When I think of a warm-demander, I think of Mason. Every day she shows up with positivity and joy and her excitement to teach the students is contagious. Mason works diligently to ensure the content engages students and constantly checks for understanding. They work hard not only to guarantee each student is developing in their art skills but also go above and beyond to make connections and build relationships with all the students, which is no easy task as an art teacher who sees over 100 students a day! Mason keeps a growth mindset and is always looking for new ways to succeed with the students and works hard to bring joy to each class period with the students.”

Dulce Ruiz (Student-Centered)
“I want to nominate Dulce Ruiz, she always puts the students’ learning first. Dulce successfully navigates her classroom by creating a student-centered environment where she tackles any challenge head on. Dulce’s perseverance shows in her ability to always put the students’ interest first. Dulce, without a doubt, will be an outstanding educator who promotes and establishes a student-centered learning experience for her students.”

Crystal Johnson (Student-Centered)
“Crystal is dedicated to providing the Sherman community and students with resources, even when it goes above and beyond her teaching responsibilities. She volunteers to assist with assembly setup and helps students before and after school. She knows her students and their families well and she creates a welcoming environment for collaboration. She is also very coachable and welcomes feedback. Crystal consistently shows support for her peers and is thoroughly engaged in learning and growing.”

David Fairbanks (Courage to Persist)
“David is truly student-centered and they keep showing it in how they work closely with their mentor and co-resident. They’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and they stick to their commitments. You can always count on David to be prepared and reflective. When they’re working with students, they really bring out their strengths and build genuine connections. David’s authenticity shines through in every conversation you have with them, and their dedication to excellence and effective practices is truly inspiring, motivating everyone around them to follow suit. Including their AD. Keep up the great work David. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside you and you are such a valuable asset to education and our community.”

Juli Guillen (Student-Centered)
“Since the beginning of the year, Juli has made the most of her residency experience. She is reflective, seeks feedback and consistently implements it, gets to know her students, collaborates with colleagues in the school, and learns about her students. She has grown so much over the year and you can see the growth in her students as well!”

Congratulations to these ten Residents for living out CTR values in their work ethic, classrooms and school communities!

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