CTR Job Fair Connects Residents to New Opportunities

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Publish date: April 17, 2024
Categories: News from the Network
Post author: Sal Navarro

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National Teachers Academy in the South Loop neighborhood recently hosted a job fair for the current cohort of AUSL’s CTR Residents. School leaders and educators representing 20 schools across Chicago gathered to showcase their school pride, programs and job opportunities for the upcoming school year.

“Events like this are helpful because we get an in-person feel for Residents and an early experience with speaking to them and possibly interviewing them on the spot,” said Shardai Bell, Personalized Learning Coordinator at Sherman Elementary. “I hope residents feel the intimacy of this experience with the support they receive from leaders in this space.”

This event ultimately serves as a professional development opportunity for Residents to secure their first full-time position before the residency program concludes. They are able to reflect on their residency experience thus far and put into words their professional goals and outlook for their educational career. From meeting and connecting with multiple schools to fill teacher vacancies, Residents are also able to make sense of the environment they envision themselves in to be supported and guided as educators into their definitions of success.

High need CPS schools who participated in the job fair expressed their specific interest in AUSL’s CTR Residents because of the perspectives they bring from their unique residency experience. 

“Hiring can be an overwhelming process. We have hired a lot of CTR grads and hosted Residents, “ said Heather Pusatcioglu, principal at Piccolo School of Excellence. “CTR Residents bring a growth mindset, coachability and an equity orientation. Those are values that are difficult to get to the root of during the hiring process. There is a shared mission with us and AUSL.”

As Residents near the end of their program and approach graduation, they are preparing for the next phase in their educational journeys to launch their careers. Events like the CTR Job Fair support Residents and School Leaders in the hiring process. 

“With low teacher retention rates across Chicago and the country, it’s helpful to see what a trusted organization is producing,” said Colleen Wedderburn, middle school math teacher and DL mentor at Deneen School of Excellence. “We work with AUSL because we know they care about children, we know they are good at what they do and they come with an equity mindset.”

Over the past three classes of Residents, 189 CTR alumni are serving in 44 different CPS community areas across Chicago. Join and expand our reach by applying to the Chicago Teacher Residency today!

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