Incoming Teacher Residents Share Intentions for CTR Program at Class of 2025 Social Event

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Publish date: May 22, 2024
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Post author: Sal Navarro

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The Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR) hosted a social event for the newly admitted Residents of the Class of 2025 at Bottom Lounge in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood on May 15. AUSL staff brought a warm welcome to the new class of Residents and provided any answers to questions they have for the upcoming year. It was also the first opportunity for Residents to get to know one another as a cohort.

“The main thing I want to welcome you into today is this learning community. You’re joining a special community,” shared Kate Rhodes Peterson, Program Director of the CTR program.

“We believe it is more than a program to get your degree. You’re coming in as a cohort, so the people you’re sitting with right now will become your network.”

The community of future educators is what attracted incoming Resident Cari Hipes to apply. “I liked the AUSL CTR program because of the mentorship that takes place. We are paired with teachers that bring us into the classroom with social support,” said Cari. Cari was working in the corporate environment for a decade with a bachelor’s degree in business and IT. She was feeling burnt out from her career and started to look for volunteer opportunities and soon started teaching kindergarteners and first graders.

“It was a second chance to do something I find joy in and that is more aligned with me,” she said.

If you’re pursuing a career change, already in the education space or somewhere in between, there’s space for you in the CTR program.

Hahn Ray also shared his journey of quitting his job and recently becoming a substitute teacher for Chicago Public Schools to pursue the arts education field.

“It has been the most fulfilling career pivot and I have only been substitute teaching for four months. This is where I’m meant to be and this is what I want to do,” said Hahn.

“I’m looking forward to the academic piece and the community. I feel like being able to move forward in my personal education is going to be beneficial for me. I’m excited to be part of this amazing program.”

Regardless of incoming CTR Residents’ professional background, they share a common passion for working with children and growing as educators.

Lorena Aviles shifted her career from accounting to education four years ago and now works with 6th and 8th graders. Having family members with disabilities, it feels natural for her to work with that student population.

“It’s not about the career,” she said. “It’s more about the passion that I have to help students with disabilities and learn from them to help me grow as an individual along with this program.”

Incoming Residents bring different perspectives and experiences that will benefit their learning community and bring them together as a cohort. As they begin their residency program, these social events are building blocks for their training as future educators. The Class of 2025 is the largest incoming class of the past six years for the CTR program.

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