Mentors Embody and Create Community for CTR Residents

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Publish date: April 17, 2024
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Post author: Sal Navarro

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The Chicago Teacher Residency is (CTR) is a one-year teacher preparation program for individuals from all majors, fields, and professions. After completing a one-year residency program, individuals begin a rewarding career teaching in Chicago Public Schools.

At the heart of the CTR program is the steadfast support and mentorship that CTR Residents receive through the entirety of their training year. CTR Residents are paired with a Mentor Teacher to receive a full year of in-class mentorship so they are prepared for any challenges they may face in or out of the classroom.

The Mentor/Resident Relationship is one CTR attribute that makes the training program so special and unique compared to traditional teacher preparation programs. Mentors are experienced, passionate teachers that guide and push Residents forward in their abilities as incoming full-time educators. They are truly special teacher leaders that care about making a difference and training the next generation of educators.

We asked these Teacher Leaders why they chose to mentor and what makes their Mentor/Resident relationship so special. Read their inspiring responses:

Jessica Edelman from the Tarkington School of Excellence said, “The best gift that students can have is a teacher who knows who they are, how to love their students deeply and allows them to figure out who they are as well.”

“I want to be the change that I wanted to see growing up,” said Andrea Lewis (CTR Alumni, 2020 Cohort) from Dulles Elementary School. “And one way of doing this is by transforming the lives of other adults who can possibly join in on this transformational work!”

Jill Lee from Tarkington School of Excellence said, “I enjoy changing the world through the work of training others—having them find out who they are and genuinely living in their true voice as an educator.”

“I want to model authenticity and patience to the next generation of nurturing educators that shows them during the toughest times why this work matters,” said Anquineice Brown (CTR Alumni, 2017 Cohort) from Marquette School of Excellence.

“I want to train and guide the newest and brightest teachers of Chicago,” said Lierin Seavey-Notaro (CTR Alumni, 2018 Cohort) from O’Keeffe School of Excellence, “in order to give every beautiful and unique child the equitable education they deserve.”

Ashley Pate from Marquette School of Excellence said, “I want to help ensure the best outcome for learners by helping to equip and shape future educators through replicable practice.”

“I care deeply that public schools have a wonderful applicant pool to choose from,” said Olivia Delacruz from Dulles School of Excellence. “And mentoring is an incredibly uplifting activity and a way for me to grow.”

Veronica Marrs (CTR Alumni, 2019 Cohort) from O’Keeffe School of Excellence said, “I am passionate about honoring the tradition of laying the foundation for future high-quality, equitable, world- changing educators!”

“I love teaching and I love learning,” said Antonia Schmidt from Chicago Academy High School. “Having a resident has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and has therefore made me become a better teacher for my students.”

Mentors are valuable assets to the Chicago Teacher Residency because they bring lived experience to their mentorship and create powerful relationships with Residents to establish a strong sense of community. Their passion for education drives their persistence and commitment to bringing quality teachers to underserved students across Chicago. Thank you to our mentors for their dedication to leading the next generation of educators!

Grow with our network of educators and apply to the Chicago Teacher Residency today!



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