New Residents Begin the CTR Year with an Informative and Community-Building Orientation

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Publish date: July 28, 2023
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“I am learning from the best,” new resident David Armstrong reflected, “from educators who not only understand the ins-and-outs of CPS culture, but passionate educators who have the experience to back it all up.” The incoming cohort of 89 residents recently completed their five-day orientation for the Chicago Teacher Residency (CTR). The CTR team welcomed the residents with community building and foundational information to prepare for the year ahead.

The orientation sessions covered the CTR’s values, teaching frameworks, and tools to be an effective educator. Chi Blasingame joined the residency with experience as a substitute teacher and said she looks forward to learning policies and instructional methods to support the progression of her teaching career. “Day four was my favorite. I loved the sessions on restorative practices,” Blasingame shared. Other session topics included creating an inclusive classroom and embracing a growth mindset for teaching.

Residents also heard from stakeholders including parents, principals, and AUSL leaders about what makes a great educator. Armstrong, who had a career in property management, writing, and substitute teaching before joining the residency, recalled the motivating words shared with the new class as they embark on a new chapter of their careers. Some of the orientation highlights for Armstrong were “Dr. Michael Marzano for inspiring me to be more than a teacher but a community leader and for posing the question ‘What is my Why?’ and Rosa Jimenez for highlighting the importance of being humble, kind, and building relationships.”

The residents will continue their preparation through summer courses at DePaul and professional development with the CTR team. In the fall, the residents put their preparation into practice and begin teaching alongside their mentor teachers.

To learn more about the Chicago Teacher Residency program or to apply, visit

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