The Chicago Teacher Residency Orientation Builds Foundation for New Residents

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Publish date: June 20, 2024
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Post author: Sal Navarro

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The Chicago Teacher Residency hosted orientation week for the new class of Residents from Monday, June 10 to Friday, June 14 at DePaul University. The goal for orientation is to set a foundation of success for incoming Residents to make connections with their cohort, understand expectations from DePaul University and the Chicago Teacher Residency, explore the values and key voices that will shape their learning from the program and identify the purpose and use of key tools and resources.

Kate Rhodes Peterson, Director of The Chicago Teacher Residency, welcomed Residents to orientation with a focus on the vast community available to Residents.

“As we go through this week, you’re going to meet a lot of people. You’re going to keep getting to know us through interactions and I encourage you to lean into that. It’s the people you’re going to learn from just as much as the content,” said Kate.

Residents were introduced to program values of student-centered, community focused and tenacious service to lead their Residency experience by holding students at the heart of their work, partnering authentically with communities and embracing growth with resilience.

AUSL staff, CTR team members and DePaul University faculty and staff all welcomed Residents throughout the week and clarified the high expectations of the training as well as the resources for support.

DePaul University’s College of Education Office of Advising and Academic Success, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, University Counseling and Psychological Services and Center for Students with Disabilities helped Residents throughout the week to answer questions and ease their transition as Master’s students in the program.

School leaders, CTR alumni, families and students also visited Residents throughout the week to share their advice and perspective on the program.

Principal LaKenya Sharpe of Collins Academy High School reminded Residents of what caring for students looks like as educators. “You’re not there to be friends with [students]. You’re there to make sure they can boldly go into the future, boldly hold onto a skillset and boldly be the very best they can be.”

Assistant Principal Rosa Jimenez of Solorio Academy High School called their attention to the authentically transformational nature of this teacher residency. “Be prepared to learn. You can’t expect to tell your students something that you’re unwilling to do yourself. They’re going to listen more to what you do rather than what you say. Model the path that you are having them take with you,” said Rosa.

The Orientation week culminated with cheers and words of encouragement on Friday. When asked what was one word that described how they were feeling at the end of the day, the most common responses were excited and ready!

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