Associates Board meets to discuss leading educational transformations

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Publish date: April 25, 2023
Categories: News from the Network
Post author: Stephen Nielsen

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Terrill Wilkins was a high school history teacher before he moved to the Midwest to pursue a legal career.

“I loved working with and coaching my students, and supporting them towards their academic and postsecondary goals,” Wilkins said. “Teachers are the foundation of a student’s educational journey and AUSL’s CTR is at the frontlines of ensuring Chicago’s students have equitable opportunities to achieve postsecondary success.”

Wilkins joined AUSL’s Associates Board in 2013 and has become a champion of AUSL and teachers in Chicago. In March, the Co-Chair of the Associates Board hosted an event to connect with AUSL alumni and leaders to learn more about what lies ahead for the organization.

The event was held at Lou’s Backyard in Chicago’s West Loop, where Wilkins and AUSL’s Michael Whitmore, Managing Director of Teaching & Learning, spoke briefly about AUSL’s pivot in strategy to focus on two of its strong service lines, the Chicago Teacher Residency(CTR) and Advisory Services- LiberatED Way.

The event was successful in bringing together people connected with AUSL and interested in learning more about the nonprofit’s work in Chicago and around the country. An event attendee mentioned that they appreciated being able to meet so many champions of AUSL’s mission. 

Opportunities to join AUSL’s Associates Board are available. Inquire today by reaching out to Shane Caterino, Managing Director of External Relations, [email protected].

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