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Publish date: December 18, 2023
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Post author: Jacob Pieczynski

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

As we turn the page and begin a new and reinvigorating era of service to quality education in Chicago and beyond, we must acknowledge the tremendous support of the partners and supporters that have made this work possible for over 20 years.

This year’s Impact Report captures the story of our work in action and its authentic results, while celebrating those that make this all possible. While our role in school management has concluded, our dedication to students across Chicago and the country remains steadfast. We’ve been hard at work recruiting passionate, diverse teachers in hard-to-fill positions and admitted a class of 89 teachers to the 2024 Chicago Teacher Residency cohort. Simultaneously, we’re leveraging the lessons learned in 15+ years of school management by expanding our school and district advisory services, LiberatED Way, and engaging schools across six states in creating equitable, community-focused student experiences that rally teachers, school leaders, and communities together around a shared vision for student success.

On behalf of 1300+ graduates of the Chicago Teacher Residency and our CTR and LiberatED Way partner schools in Chicago and beyond, we thank you for your continued commitment.

With appreciation,

Don Feinstein, PhD
Executive Director


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